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Religion & Public Schools: Striking A Constitutional Balance
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Item Cover
NSBA Item # 06-181-W
ISBN/ISSN 0-88364-244-1
Date Published 08/30/01
Publisher NSBA's Council of School Attorneys
Pages 242
List Price $35.00
Discount Price $28.00
This edition discusses the latest developments in the law, including the Supreme Court's decisions in Milford, Mitchell, Santa Fe and Agostini. A compilation of articles written by Council members, it focuses on the effect of the establishment and free exercise clauses of the First Amendment and the constitutional issues surrounding accommodating employee religious beliefs, wearing of religious garb, curriculum content, school prayer/moment of silence, holiday observances, equal access, home schools and much more. (cosa)
Publisher Phone 703-838-6711
Media Type Softcover
Key Works Alignment

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