Becoming A Better Board Member: A Guide to Effective School Board Service (Third Edition)

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Date Published 09/15/06
Author(s) National School Boards Association
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Newly expanded and updated for the 21st century, NSBA's best-selling guide to school board service has been revised to incorporate Key Work of School Boards concepts and to reflect new governance realities, including the requirements of No Child Left Behind. Chapters address learning board service; exercising leadership; working with the superintendent and staff; understanding collective bargaining, education law, and school finance; communicating with your colleagues and the public; and contemporary issues in education--including charters, vouchers, and privatization; student demographics; wellness; school construction and design; education technology; and school security. A comprehensive glossary, plus review questions with each chapter, make this a perfect learning tool for the novice and a valuable refresher course for veteran school board members.

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NSBA Item # 01-106-W
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