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How to Lobby your Member of Congress, Part II (DVD & Review Guide - 2009)
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NSBA Item # 11-145
ISBN/ISSN 978-0-88364-308-2
Author(s) Michael A. Resnick
Date Published 02/01/09
Publisher National School Boards Association
Pages 12
List Price $25.00
Discount Price $20.00
The National School Boards Association (NSBA) has developed the advocacy video, "How to Lobby Your Member of Congress, Part II" in a DVD format, and the accompanying Review Guide.

"How to Lobby Your Member of Congress, Part II" addresses some of the common challenges that local school board members face when meeting with their members of Congress. The DVD will help you to improve your advocacy skills in scenarios where your Member of Congress:

- Insists the board narrow support for its multiple concerns down to one;
- Asks the board to suggest budget cuts to find money for education;
- Turns a discussion about the school board legislative agenda into a pitch for the Member's own agenda;
- Uses excuses to delay action on education legislation;
- Does not want to commit to a policy position important to the board because others back home may disagree with it;
- May have opposition back home on a school board issue and does not know it.

The DVD also covers tips for building a relationship with your Member of Congress and preparing for future meetings.

The DVD and Review Guide are easily adaptable for individuals or for groups of individuals who are willing to help you as you lobby your Member of Congress. Further, you will also be able to use these grassroots lobbying skills with your state and local officials as well.

Publisher Phone 703/838-6722
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DVD & Booklet
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