The Essential School Board Book:
Better Governance in the Age of Accountability

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Date Published 10/27/09
Author(s) Nancy Walser
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Amid today’s heightened attention on student achievement, school boards find their responsibilities intensified and transformed. In this age of accountability, all school boards need to consider how best to maintain a focus on student achievement and promote it through district and school policies.

The Essential School Board Book answers this challenge in direct and practical terms. It highlights effective practices that are common to high-functioning boards around the country, boards that are working successfully with their superintendents and communities to improve teaching and learning.

In a highly readable and accessible fashion, the book summarizes research linking school board practices to student achievement. It features stories of sixteen diverse boards around the country elected and appointed; rural, urban, and suburban and the polities and procedures they have employed to enhance student achievement. Also included is a resource section for those investigating successful school board policies and practices in more depth.

“The Essential School Board Book is one of the best books ever written on school board governance. Every board president and superintendent should make it required reading for the entire board-superintendent team. It is well researched and practical. The advice is sound and comes from real experience and practice that we can all learn from. What's more, the strategies to increase student achievement and learning work. Walser has done a great service by featuring effective policy and practice for good school governance. This book will prove indispensable to true district transformation.”--Anne L. Bryant

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NSBA Item # 07-979
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