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An American School Board Journal Anthology
Item Cover
NSBA Item # 08-136
ISBN/ISSN 000-0000000000
Author(s) Del Stover; Andrea Suarez Falken; Noami Dillon; Rachel Gutter
Date Published 10/01/13
Publisher National School Boards Association
Pages 21
List Price $10.00
Discount Price $8.00
The idea of green schools -- energy-efficient and environmentally friendly buildings -- has taken a strong hold on the last decade. Not only do green school buildings save money for districts, they also offer opportunities to teach students and the community about environmental science, as well as biology, chemistry, engineering, and technology. Green schools help create the next generation of citizens who are aware of their responsibilities as stewards of the environment.

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Publisher Phone 800/706-6722
Media Type Softcover
Key Works Vision

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