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ACA's Health Insurance Shared Responsibility Penalties and Update on IRS Regulations, Authored By: Christopher Stevenson, Date Published: 10/11/2013, Page Count: 19, Product#: 285653
Beginning in 2014, under the so-called “Play or Pay” rule, most school districts will be required to offer their full-time employees affordable health insurance or face new IRS penalties. This paper provides attorneys with a practical approach to preparing school districts for the new rule, including how to determine whether the rule applies to a particular school district, which employees will be considered full-time, and what to do about coaches, substitute teachers and other variable hour employees.
Adventures in Ethics, Authored By: Allison Tomberlin, Date Published: 10/12/2013, Page Count: 62, Product#: 285664
In the spirit of the old Choose Your Own Adventure books, this paper calls on the reader to decide what to do when confronted with ethical dilemmas in their professional lives. The decisions aren’t always easy and the dilemmas aren’t always obvious. It is a career journey of choices and their consequences.
An Offer They Can’t Refuse: Involuntary Resignations and Constructive Discharge Claims under Section 1983 and Title VII, Authored By: Christopher Campbell, Date Published: 10/10/2013, Page Count: 10, Product#: 285646
Voluntary resignations are the most efficient way to resolve employee misconduct. This paper focuses on the law of resignations and constructive discharge under Section 1983 and Title VII -- especially important in right-to-work states. Sample resignation forms will be provided along with an approach that school attorneys can tailor to their specific clients.
An Update on IRS Regulations and the Affordable Care Act, Authored By: Leza Conliffe, Date Published: 10/11/2013, Page Count: 7, Product#: 285654
This paper discusses the information reporting requirements, the Additional Medicare Tax, how those actions may affect school districts and identify the hot issues for school districts to watch that the IRS has placed on its "To Do" list for 2013-2014.
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