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TitleAuthorCategoryDate Added
23 Things a School Attorney Really Needs to Know A. Dean Pickett 11/8/2010
24 Things a School Attorney Really Needs to Know Dean Pickett 11/17/2011
A “Mini” School Law Boot Camp: Employee Rights Morgan Godfrey and Shamus O’Meara 11/19/2009
A “Mini” School Law Boot Camp: School Board Authority Elizabeth Kaleva 11/19/2009
A Board Policy Conundrum: Can Board Policy Create Liability? David R. Day and Seamus P. Boyce 5/19/2008
A View from the Federal Appellate Docket: A Snapshot of Cases Impacting Public Schools Francisco Negron 12/17/2008
ACA's Health Insurance Shared Responsibility Penalties and Update on IRS Regulations Christopher Stevenson 11/12/2013
Accommodation of School Employee Religious Expression and Practices Stacey V. Reese 5/19/2008
Accommodation of Student Religious Expression and Practices Cullen B. Casey 5/19/2008
Across the Border and Into the Classroom: Legal Issues Affecting the Education of Immigrant Students and English Language Learners John W. Borkowski and Maree Sneed 12/17/2008
Adventures in Ethics Allison Tomberlin 11/12/2013
Alternatives to Seniority-Based Layoffs: Trends and Strategies Frederick L. Dorsey and Daniel P. Murphy 11/8/2010
An Analysis of the Impact NCLB May Have on Placement Decisions Under the IDEA Keeney, Melanie Gurley 5/1/2006
An Offer They Can’t Refuse: Involuntary Resignations and Constructive Discharge Claims under Section 1983 and Title VII Christopher Campbell 11/12/2013
An Update from the Courts NSBA/OGC 5/1/2006
An Update From the Courts Francisco M. Negrón 5/19/2008
An Update from the Courts A Snapshot of the NSBA Legal Advocacy Agenda and Selected Federal Cases Francisco Negrón, Jr. 4/16/2013
An Update from the Courts: A Snapshot of the NSBA Legal Advocacy Agenda & Selected Federal Cases Francisco Negron 11/21/2012
An Update on IRS Regulations and the Affordable Care Act Leza Conliffe 11/12/2013
An Update on Fair Labor Standards Act Claims Against School Districts Schafer, Allison and Mooney, Patrick B. 6/14/2007
An Update on NCLB: The Reauthorization and Possible Statutory and Regulatory Changes Maree Sneed and John W. Borkowski 5/19/2008
Applicability of the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Amendments to Investigations of Employee Misconduct Michael Julka and Michael 7/20/2012
Armed Guards in Schools Thomas Wheeler, II and Joe Tanguma 11/12/2013
Balancing School Safety and Student Free Speech Bracken, Andrew J. 5/1/2006
Balancing the New IDEA and NCLB Testing Requirements, IEP Development under the New IDEA, What all School Attorneys Need to Know--and Do! Freedman, Miriam Kurtzig 6/14/2007
Bargaining Over Money in Difficult Economic Time: Communication Strategies Barbara Ruga and Brian Hungerford 5/20/2011
Bargaining with the Board and Beyond: How Do You Manage the Client Richard J. Guercio and Jay Fernow 11/8/2010
Big Brother is Watching: Surveillance Cameras in the School Setting Sara Clark 7/20/2012
Blogging for Columbine: Student Online Activities and the Law Thomas Hutton 9/2/2008
Blowing the Whistle A Time Out to Discuss the False Claims Act Joseph Hoffer 7/15/2011
Board Members Digital Communications Holly Claghorn and Ifeoma Odita 11/16/2011
Brief Overview of the Investigation of Atlanta Public Schools Robert Wilson 7/20/2012
Building a Better Construction Contract, School Specific Amendments to the 2007 AIA Contract Thomas Myers and Lynn Rossi Scott 11/19/2009
Bullying, Harassment, Hazing and Mascots: Protecting Students and Reducing District Liability Swem, Lisa and Davis, Raymond 6/14/2007
Can the “Heckler's Veto” Trump Tinker-Protected Student Speech? Katz, Heidi A. 7/19/2007
Case Law Summary of Litigation Over the Teaching of Evolution, Creationism, and Intelligent Design Burns, Thomas 1/25/2007
Cases Pertinent to Student Speech on T-shirts and Other Items of Apparel Allison Schafer 11/17/2011
Cash, Check or Charge: Lessons Learned From Conducting a High-Profile Internal Investigation Leticia D. McGowan 5/19/2008
Cell Phones, Cameras and Other 21st Century Intrusions Into Learning: Legal Responses for Today's Boards and Educators Pickett, A. Dean and Thomas, Christopher 5/2/2006
Central Falls: Reform’s Testing Ground Stephen M. Robinson and Vicki J. Bejma 11/8/2010
Character Counts: Professionalism in the Practice of Law Nancy Fredman Krent and Lori Martin 7/20/2012
Cheating/Improper Assistance on Tests: The New York State Experience Benjamin Ferrara 7/20/2012
Civil Rights and Student Discipline: Practical Steps to Prepare for and Defend State and Federal Discrimination Claims Chinni, Christine 1/25/2007
Claims of Advocacy Related Retaliation Under Section 504 Jim Walsh 5/19/2008
Closing the Achievement Gap within a Race-Neutral Legal Framework Jollee Faber Patterson and Michael Porter 7/20/2012
Collective Bargaining in Uncertain Times Richard A. Mills and Rebecca R. Santiago 11/8/2010
Collective Bargaining The Role of the School Attorney James Fernow and Justin Petrarca 4/16/2013
Compliance Agreement Under Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act Between the United States Department of Education and the Montana Office of Public Instruction Kaleva, Elizabeth 5/1/2006
Conflicts in the Circuits: What is the Standard for Mainstreaming and Inclusion? Keith, James A. 5/1/2006
Crisis Response and Crisis Recovery: The Lawyer’s Role – Practical Advice from Columbine and Platte Canyon William J. Kowalski 5/19/2008
Culture Wars in the Public Schools: A View from the Trenches Howie, Margaret-Ann 1/25/2007
Curricular Control: Legal Pointers for Public Schools NSBA 5/20/2011
Cutting Edge School Facilities Going Green Innovation and Litigation Trends Randall Parent and Christopher Fallon 7/15/2011
Cyberprivacy: Are You Protecting Yourself? Dorothy Bollinger 7/20/2012
Dealing with Difference: Discomfort, Diversity, or Discrimination Susan G. Clark 12/17/2008
Dealing with Electronic Record Nightmares for School Boards J.T. Tokarz 5/19/2008
Dealing with Parents of Children with Autism D. Bennett and Emma Willhoite 11/12/2013
Defending School Districts in High Profile Sexual Misconduct Litigation Patterson, Michael A. 6/14/2007
Defining Equal Opportunity in School-Sponsored Extracurricular Activities and Athletics Lawrence Giordano and Samuel Jackson 11/12/2013
Defining the Limits of Board Member Access to District Records James Petrungaro 11/28/2012
Denver’s Pro-comp System and Student Achievement Martin Semple 5/19/2008
Desk Reference on Significant U.S. Supreme Court Cases Affecting Public Schools Lisa Soronen 10/23/2008
Detective, Prosecutor and Jury: The Role(s) of In House Counsel in an Internal Investigation W. Douglas Thorne 11/8/2010
Disciplining Students with Disabilities: The Special Education Director's Perspective and the School Attorney's Perspective Edward A. Sullivan and Amy M. Steketee 5/21/2009
Disciplining the Disabled Student: Balancing the Rights of Special Education Students with Those of Others Sherry Culves and Canon Hill 11/12/2013
Don’t Filter Me Examining the Children’s Internet Protection Act and the New Era of First Amendment Claims Thomas Mickes and Betsey Helfrich 11/21/2012
Drug Testing of Employees Wilks, Norman D. and Kelly, Cynthia Lutz 7/19/2007
Drug Testing of Students Kelly, Cynthia Lutz 7/19/2007
Due Process Liberty Interest Claims School District Responsibilities and Employee Rights M. Brent Case and Holly Ortiz 4/16/2013
E-Discovery Rules: The Brave New World of Ethical Obligations Nancy Fredman Krent and Anthony J. Loizzi 5/19/2008
Education Law Cases 2005-2006 Burns, Tom and Soronen, Lisa 12/14/2006
Education Law Cases 2006-2007 COSA 9/17/2007
Education Law Cases 2007–2008 Thomas Burns 10/23/2008
Educator Sexual Misconduct James A. Keith 5/19/2008
Effective Advocacy at the Trial Court Level: Winning School District Cases through Motions for Summary Judgment and Motions to Dismiss Robinson, Bridget 5/1/2006
Effectively Bargaining Innovative Compensation Martin Semple and Frederick Dorsey 11/19/2009
Employee or Independent Contractor: The Legal and Ethical Dilemma of Worker Classification Determinations Gregory J. Guercio and Barbara P. Aloe 5/21/2009
Employee Rights: Legal Pointers for Public Schools - April 2003 NSBA/OGC 5/1/2006
Employment and Immigration Issues Affecting Public School Employers Juan J. Cruz and Loan T. Huynh 5/19/2008
Ensuring Athletic Equity and Avoiding Liability Under Title IX McKeon, Michael 1/25/2007
Ensuring District Control of IEP Meetings Georgiana O. Miranda 11/8/2010
Environmental Hazards for Urban Schools Facing the New Challenge Frels, Kelly 5/1/2006
Environmental Issues for Schools: Mold Lead Toxic Building Sites and Other Unmentionables O’Meara, Shamus P. 5/1/2006
Ethical Considerations When Dealing with Pro Se Plaintiffs and Other Unrepresented Persons Lisa A. Brown 5/19/2008
Ethical Implications of New E-Discovery Rules Keeney, Melanie Gurley 7/19/2007
Ethical Issues Surrounding the Settlement Process Lisa Brown 11/19/2009
Ethical Lawyering in the Digital Age David Rubin 7/14/2011
Evaluating Cloud Computing Solutions to Find a Balance Between Innovation and Cost Savings and Privacy and Data Security Amy Mushahwar and D. Lacy 7/20/2012
Evaluating Mental Health Needs in Light of Safety and Security Concerns Séamus Boyce and Andrew Manna 11/12/2013
Evaluation of Employees: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly Marsha Volk Bugalla 12/17/2008
Fair Labor Standards Act Record Keeping Practice Tips Bracken, Andrew J. 5/1/2006
Fear Not the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Regulations Anne McCully Murphy and Lisa Soronen 12/17/2008
Federal Guidance and Perspectives on Students' Civil Rights Thomas Perez 7/20/2012
Federal Legal Issues Affecting the Education of English Language Learners Whitten, Patricia and Sneed, Maree 1/25/2007
FERPA and Student Record Keeping Owsley, Michael A. 5/1/2006
Financing School Construction & Renovation – The American Recovery and Reinvestment Tax Act of 2009 Timothy Stratton 11/19/2009
First Amendment Issues in the Use of School Facilities by Religious Groups in the Wake of Good News Club Frederick Dorsey and Daniel Murphy 7/20/2012
Flores & You John Borkowski 11/21/2012
Free to Be Mean Balancing the First Amendment and Hateful Student Behavior Todd Clark and Karla Schultz 7/14/2011
From Desegregation to Diversity John Borkowski and Jesse Register 11/12/2013
From Eligibility to Hearing: The Ins and Outs of Section 504 Dana Fattore Crumley and Amy Dickerson 11/19/2009
From Equal Access to Distribution of Religious Material: A Constitutional Conversion? Kirk C. Herald and Roy H. Henley 5/19/2008
From Vouchers to One Nation Under God: A Review of Recent Decisions Affecting the Separation of Church and State in the Context of Public Education Worona, Jay 5/1/2006
Garcetti Has Some Punch! How to Use the Decision to Win Free Speech Claims James B. Gessford and Gregory H. Perry 5/19/2008
Gay/Straight Alliance Clubs and the Equal Access Act Bracken, Andrew J. 7/19/2007
Get Out of Here!! How to Keep Dangerous Persons Away: A School’s Right to Control Unwanted Guests Gessford, James B. and Perry, Gregory H. 7/19/2007
Guidance for School Districts on Student Education Records, Directory Information, Health Information and Other Privacy Provisions NSBA/COSA 5/1/2006
Helping Boards to Navigate the Issue of Board Member Recusal Chris Elizalde and Dorcas Green 11/28/2012
Holiday Bundle COSA 11/27/2007
Home Schooling Perry A. Zirkel and David B. Rubin 5/19/2008
How Accommodating? High Stakes Testing and Federal Laws that Apply to students with disabilities Colemen, Arthur L. 5/1/2006
How to Advise Districts on Investment Contracts Turner, Dorian E. 5/1/2006
How to Handle Problems Implementing School Hardware and Software Contracts J.T. Tokarz 11/19/2009
How to Train Administrators to Properly Investigate Allegations of Employee and Student Misconduct Kristoff, Karl W. 5/2/2006
IDEA 2004 - Has Washington Sent a Trojan Horse? Majestic, Ann 1/25/2007
IDEA 2004 and Procedural Safeguards: How Are States Taking Advantage of this Unique Opportunity to Change the Due Process Hearing System? Rodick, Bennett 6/14/2007
IDEA Improvement Act of 2004: Implications for the School Attorney Ruesch, Gary M. 6/14/2007
IEP Procedural Errors: Crafting a Defensible and Effective Individualized Education Program Gallegos, Elena M. 5/1/2006
Impact of the USA PATRIOT Act on Schools Wenkart, Ronald D. 5/1/2006
Impartial Due Process Complaints Under IDEA 2004 Klimesh, Mary Kay and Manna, Andrew 7/19/2007
Implementation of the No Child Left Behind Act: Employment and Hiring Practices Miller, David G. 5/1/2006
Implications of Municipal Takeover of Urban School Districts and Adequate Funding: A Detroit Perspective Adams, Anthony 1/25/2007
Improving Teacher Performance: Is Merit Pay the Answer? How Arizona is Dealing with the Issue Denise M. Bainton 5/19/2008
Inquiry & Analysis, April 2008 COSA 4/8/2008
Inquiry & Analysis, February 2008 COSA 4/8/2008
Inquiry & Analysis, January 2008 COSA 3/10/2008
Inquiry & Analysis, May 2008 Donald F. Austin and Michael A. Patterson 5/19/2008
Inquiry & Analysis, April 2005 COSA 5/4/2006
Inquiry & Analysis, April 2006 COSA 1/2/2007
Inquiry & Analysis, April 2007 COSA 6/14/2007
Inquiry & Analysis, August 2005 COSA 5/4/2006
Inquiry & Analysis, August 2006 COSA 1/2/2007
Inquiry & Analysis, August 2007 COSA 11/27/2007
Inquiry & Analysis, December 2005 COSA 1/2/2007
Inquiry & Analysis, December 2006 COSA 1/2/2007
Inquiry & Analysis, December 2007 COSA 12/4/2007
Inquiry & Analysis, February 2005 COSA 7/7/2006
Inquiry & Analysis, February 2006 COSA 1/2/2007
Inquiry & Analysis, February 2007 COSA 6/14/2007
Inquiry & Analysis, January 2005 COSA 5/4/2006
Inquiry & Analysis, January 2006 COSA 1/2/2007
Inquiry & Analysis, July 2005 COSA 5/4/2006
Inquiry & Analysis, July 2006 COSA 1/2/2007
Inquiry & Analysis, July 2007 COSA 6/28/2007
Inquiry & Analysis, June 2005 COSA 5/4/2006
Inquiry & Analysis, June 2006 COSA 1/2/2007
Inquiry & Analysis, June 2007 COSA 6/14/2007
Inquiry & Analysis, May 2005 COSA 5/4/2006
Inquiry & Analysis, May 2006 COSA 1/2/2007
Inquiry & Analysis, May 2007 COSA 6/14/2007
Inquiry & Analysis, November 2005 COSA 1/2/2007
Inquiry & Analysis, November 2006 COSA 1/2/2007
Inquiry & Analysis, November 2007 COSA 11/27/2007
Inquiry & Analysis, October 2005 COSA 5/4/2006
Inquiry & Analysis, October 2006 COSA 1/2/2007
Intellectual Property and Fair Use in the Classroom Environment Tracey Schneider 11/12/2013
Internet, Computer, and Information Technology Law: Blogging, Employee Sabotage, and Social Networking Bollinger, Dorothy 1/25/2007
Investigating Alleged Misconduct by Employees Bump, Richard E. and Kelly Frels, and Jeffrey J. Horner 10/2/2007
Investigating Employee Misconduct: Practical Tips for Successful Outcomes Richard A. Schwartz 5/19/2008
Investigation of School Employee Misconduct Including the Misuse of Technology Horner, Jeffrey J. 5/1/2006
Invocations at School Board Meetings Spencer E. Covert and Barbara J. Ginsberg 5/19/2008
IRS Section 409A Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Plans as Applicable to Heather Brickman and Barbara Erickson 5/19/2008
Job Descriptions That Withstand Scrutiny Under Legal Fire Wesley Johnson and Phillip Marzec 11/21/2012
Keeping Alive the Spirit of Brown v. Board of Education Anurima Bhargava 5/19/2008
Keeping Alive the Spirit of Brown v. Board of Education After the Seattle and Louisville Decisions Carl A. Gallagher 5/19/2008
Lawfully Teaching About Religion in Schools Smith, Michael E. and Floyd, Gregory A. 5/2/2006
Legal Challenges in Evaluating Teachers Based on Student Achievement Nancy Hungerford 4/16/2013
Legal Ethics and Client Investigations: Practical Considerations for the School Attorney Lisa Brown 7/20/2012
Legal Ethics for School Lawyers Lisa Brown and Janet Horton 11/28/2012
Legal Issues Related to the Education of Undocumented Children John W. Borkowski and Nathaniel Gleicher 5/21/2009
Legal Issues Surrounding the Identification and Education of Autistic Students Andrew Freedman 4/16/2013
Legal Issues with School Use and Control of Data and Information in the Digital Age Cory Kirby and Brian Smith 11/21/2012
Legal Obligations of School Districts to English Language Learners Under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act and the Equal Educational Opportunity Act Thomas Pickrell 12/17/2008
Legal Pointers on Discrimination: A School Law Primer NSBA 11/17/2011
Legal Pointers on Employee Rights: A School Law Primer NSBA OGC 5/29/2013
Legal Pointers on Religion: A School Law Primer NSBA 11/17/2011
Legal Pointers on School Board Authority: School Law Primer Robert Kohn 12/12/2012
Legal Pointers on School Safety: A School Law Primer NSBA 11/30/2011
Legal Pointers on Special Education: A School Law Primer NSBA OGC 5/29/2013
Legal Pointers on Student Discipline: A School Law Primer Leza Conliffe 11/28/2012
Legal Pointers on Student Rights: A School Law Primer NSBA 11/30/2011
Legal Pointers on Teacher Discipline: A School Law Primer NSBA 11/30/2011
Legislative Transformation of Collective Bargaining for Schools in Indiana Marsha Volk Bugalla 11/16/2011
Legislative Transformation of School District Collective Bargaining Mike Julka 11/16/2011
Lessons Learned from Penn State Allegations of Employee Misconduct Diane Marshall Freeman 4/16/2013
Let’s Take the "Bah Humbug" Out of the Holidays: A Guide to Permissible Activities and Accommodations During the Holiday Season Jeffrey J. Horner 5/19/2008
Liability for Peer Bullying and Hazing Under the Davis Five Part Test David Day and Seamua Boyce 7/15/2011
Liability for Student Emails, Internet Use, and ‘Sexting’ Karen Haase 11/19/2009
Litigating Student Suicides in Federal Court: Bullying, Harassment, and Civil Rights Claims Phillip Hartley and Martha Pearson 11/16/2011
Litigation Holds in a K-12 World Elizabeth Eynon-Kokrda 5/19/2008
Litigation Lessons from the Courthouse Lisa Brown 11/12/2013
Litigation: Crafting the Case/Implementing the Remedy Eynon-Kokrda, Elizabeth and Whiteman, Donna L. 6/14/2007
Making a Federal Case Out of Who Picks Up the Child at School: Parents’ Constitutional Rights to Participate in a Child’s Education Drew Bracken and Miriam Van Heukelem 11/19/2009
Managing Employees with Disabilities Shaw, Brian C. 7/19/2007
Miscellaneous Provisions of the NCLB Act: FERPA Student Prayer Military Recruiters and More Doty, David S. 5/1/2006
Model Rules of Professional Conduct in the Post-Enron Era Rubin, David 1/25/2007
Mother May I? Tensions Between Parents’ Rights and School District Mandates Elizabeth A. Estes and Ernest Bell 5/21/2009
Mystery and Art of the Collective Bargaining Process Elizabeth Valerio and Gregory Guercio 11/19/2009
Navigating Free Speech Issues in the Public Schools: the Twists of Cyberspace and Turns of Religion Michelle G. Parker 5/21/2009
NCLB: An Update on Sanctions or Consequences on Non-compliance DeWalt, M. Kaye 6/14/2007
Negligence: Legal Pointers for Public Schools - April 2003 NSBA/OGC 5/1/2006
Negotiating a Superintendent Contract Kenneth L. Childs and Allison Aiken Hanna 5/21/2009
Negotiating Education Reform Context Process and Results James Zuehl and Sally Scott 7/14/2011
New Federal Regulations on Service Animals in Public Schools Kathleen Mehfoud and Patrick Andriano 11/16/2011
New Issues in Collective Bargaining Loizzi, Michael A. 5/1/2006
No Child Left Behind: What's New; What's Next; Program Improvement, Waivers, and New Regulations Petersen, Melanie 7/19/2007
No Child Left Behind—A Texas Perspective Dewalt, M. Kaye 5/1/2006
Non Traditional Funding Sources for Public Education Frederick Dorsey and Daniel Murphy 7/15/2011
NSBA Legal Advocacy and Supreme Court Update Francisco Negron 11/8/2010
Ohio's New Public Employees Collective Bargaining Law Van Keating 11/16/2011
Open Meetings and Records in the Digital Age Thomas Mickes and Teri Goldman 4/16/2013
Owner Controlled Insurance for School Construction: Reducing Costs and Reliance on Project Risk Management Knade, Stuart 5/1/2006
Participation of Disabled Athletes in Mainstream Athletic Programs with Accommodations Stephen C. Bounds and John R. Woolums 12/17/2008
Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Effective Date Timeline Sarah Ivy 7/14/2011
PICS v. Seattle School District No. 1 and the Demise of Race-Based Student Assignments Roger Clegg 5/19/2008
Play Ball Hiring and Supervising Athletic Coaches Michael Smith and Dulcinea Grantham 7/15/2011
Potential Fraud in the Business Office: Legal and Practical Issues for the School Attorney Guercio, Gregory J. and Roach, Mary M. 5/2/2006
Practical Aspects of Managing a School Law Practice: A Kansas Perspective Deryl W. Wynn 5/19/2008
Practical Aspects of Managing a School Law Practice: The View from Arizona A. Dean Pickett 5/19/2008
Practical Steps for Responding to Student and Employee Sick Building Claims Chinni, Christine L. and Meuser, Craig S. 5/2/2006
Prayer on Campus: Forty-five Years of Litigation and Counting Lisa A. Brown 5/19/2008
Pre-Hearing Preparation for the Successful Practitioner Elena Gallegos 11/21/2012
Preparing for a Special Education Due Process Hearing: Tips from a Veteran School Board Attorney Darcy L. Kriha 5/19/2008
Preparing the School Employee, Employer, and Student for Immigration Enforcement Actions Loan Huynh and Wesley E. Johnson 5/21/2009
Preventive Practices in School District Employment Watson, Maurice A. 7/19/2007
Privacy of Student Health Information: The Nexus of HIPAA & FERPA Hopkins, Kelli 5/1/2006
Procedural Issues in Running School Board Meetings: Selected Issues Walsh, Jim 5/1/2006
Protecting Students and Teachers from Cyber-bullying and Defamation Grant Bowers and Giselle Basanta 11/8/2010
Protecting the School Districts in Contracting for Purchases of Hardware and Software Tokarz, J.T. 1/25/2007
Providing Services to Students with a Disability Enrolled in Private or Parochial Schools Dylan Anne Pauly and Matthew Bell 4/16/2013
Public Aid to Parochial Schools: An Update Jay Worona and Kimberly A. Fanniff 5/19/2008
Public Comment at School Board Meetings - The First Amendment in Practice Allison Schafer 11/8/2010
Public School Districts and Undocumented Students John Kennedy and Andrew Sanchez 11/21/2012
Read Between the Regs Diane Marshall-Freeman 5/19/2008
Recent Developments in Immigration Law: An Update for School Attorneys David Z. Izakowitz 5/19/2008
Recent K-12 Cases on Race and Student Assignment NSBA/OGC 5/1/2006
Reform of Seniority Based Layoff Rules for Teachers Jill Cutler Hodgman and Ann Littlefield 7/15/2011
Regulating the Speech of a Board Member or Superintendent: Can and Should It Be Done? Friedman, David R. 6/14/2007
Religion & Public Schools: Striking a Constitutional Balance (Third Edition) COSA 5/22/2008
Religious Accommodation in Our Public Schools Gross, Norman 5/2/2006
Religious Challenges to School Curriculum and Instruction Christopher B. Gilbert 5/19/2008
Religious Displays in Public Schools Cynthia Lutz Kelly 5/19/2008
Responding to the EEOC’s Guidance on Criminal Background Checks Lynn Scott and Janet Bubert 11/12/2013
Response to Intervention (RTI) Process Karen Kemp 5/19/2008
Response to Intervention: the Legal Ups and Downs of Implementation Bennett Rodick and Nancy Fredman Krent 5/21/2009
Responsibilities When the Superintendent is Accused of Misconduct Scariano, Anthony G. 5/2/2006
Rowley is Alive and Well, Thank You! Ronald D. Wenkart 5/21/2009
School District Contracting Lessons Learned and Best Practices Forrest Jack Lance 4/16/2013
School District Contracting: Best Practices for School Attorneys, Superintendents and Boards of Education Jack Lance 11/19/2009
School District Crisis Communications Management Barbara Hunter 11/16/2011
School District Liability for Peer Bullying and Harassment: Federal Initiatives, Plaintiffs' Complaints, and Current Legal Standards Sonja Trainor 7/20/2012
School Law Practice: Adopting and Enforcing Foreign Field Trip Procedures: Avoiding the Pitfalls of Poor Planning (Volume 3, No. 2, February 2009) Justino Petrarca and Darcee C. Williams 2/19/2009
School Law Practice: Advocacy in the Court of Public Opinion: the School Board Attorney and the News Media (Volume 5, No. 1, April 2011) Jeffrey Hindoien and Brad Hughes 4/13/2011
School Law Practice: Concussions Avoiding Lawsuits Through Policy (Volume 5, Number 3, September 2011) Danielle Morello 10/7/2011
School Law Practice: Copyright Law: Do Schools Need a License to Show a Movie? (Volume 4, No. 2, July 2010) Dana Russo 7/13/2010
School Law Practice: Dealing With Office For Civil Rights Complaints (Volume 2, No. 1, Jan 2008) Denise Lowell-Britt and Jill K. Osborne 4/8/2008
School Law Practice: E-Discovery (Volume 1, No. 1, June 2007) Hodge, Michael D. and Ackerman, Jill Robb 6/14/2007
School Law Practice: Farm Animals at School? (Volume 5, Number 2, May 2011) Dean Frieders 5/20/2011
School Law Practice: Parental Rights and the Public Schools (Volume 3, No. 3, December 2009) Lisa Brown 12/15/2009
School Law Practice: Searching Portable Electronic Devices (Volume 1, No. 3, July 2007) Pickett, A. Dean 7/12/2007
School Law Practice: The Effects of Recent Developments to the ADA and FMLA on the Intersection between the ADA, FMLA, and HIPAA (Volume 3, No. 1, February 2009) R. Craig Wood and Aaron J. Longo 2/19/2009
School Law Practice: Transporting Students with Disabilities (Volume 1, No. 4, July 2007) Sullivan, Edward A. and Steketee, Amy M. 7/12/2007
School Law Practice: What Does HITECH Mean for Schools and Their Record Privacy Policies? (Volume 4, No. 1 March 2010) Elizabeth Eynon-Kokrda and Kelly Clarke 3/4/2010
School Law Practice: Writing a Defensible IEP (Volume 1, No. 2, June 2007) Weatherly, Julie J. 6/28/2007
Schools and Police: A Sometimes Uneasy Alliance Pickrell, Tom 5/2/2006
Search and Seizure in the New Millennium Lisa Swem 11/19/2009
Section 1983 and State-Created Danger Theory: How Big is the “Snake Pit of Liability” for School Districts? Karla Schultz and Dorcas Ann Green 12/17/2008
Selecting and Working With a School Attorney: A Guide for School Boards COSA 1/23/2012
Serving the Needs of Children with Autism Weatherly, Charles L. 5/1/2006
Settling Due Process Disputes: Navigating Between Scylla & Charybdis John Relias 5/20/2011
Sex Stereotyping and Gender Identity Employment Discrimination After the EEOC's Mia Macy Ruling Carol Helms and Karla Schultz 4/16/2013
Shall We Pray? An Update on Prayer and Moments of Silence in Public Schools Shellie Hoffman Crow 11/19/2009
Special Education Advocacy/Trial Issues Tomsky, Jan E. 7/19/2007
Special Education Litigation Strategies to Effectively Utilize the IDEA's Resolution Process and Reduce Litigation Costs and Fee Awards Joe Tanguma 11/17/2011
Status of Third Party Payments to Defray the Cost of Special Education Services Vanessa Sheehan 7/20/2012
Steering Clear of Potholes: A Review of Recent Changes in Federal Regulations Affecting School Transportation and a Look at Things to Come Leeds, Robin 1/25/2007
Strategies for Handling the OCR Complaint Process and Negotiating Desired Outcomes Dewalt, M. Kaye 5/1/2006
Strategies to Limit School District Exposure to a Parent’s Attorney Fees in Special Education Litigation Ryan L. Everhart 5/19/2008
Striking the Delicate Balance Between Student Free Speech Rights and School Safety Concerns Shayne L. Aldridge 5/19/2008
Student Assignment After the Supreme Court's Decision in the Seattle and Louisville Cases Maree Sneed and John W. Borkowski1 5/19/2008
Student Drug Testing Mather, Stephanie 5/1/2006
Student Expression on T-shirts: Applicable U.S. Supreme Court Cases Allison Schafer 11/17/2011
Student Privacy Concerns in the Cloud Computing Era Steve Mutkoski 11/12/2013
Successful 403(b) Plans in School Districts: A Comprehensive Guide for School Attorneys Forrest Jack Lance and David Hatter 12/11/2008
Successfully Resolving Special Education Disputes Without "Caving In" Lusk, Robert 1/25/2007
Tales from the Darkside: Teacher Termination Hints and Tricks from a Former Union Lawyer Chad M. Meisgeier 5/21/2009
Teacher Tenure Reform in Colorado Practical Lessons for Other States Martin Semple and Brent Case 7/15/2011
Technology Bundle COSA 5/19/2008
Technology in the Classroom: Advising Districts Around Staff and Student Use Namita Brown 11/21/2012
The Attorney-Client Privilege and the School Board Attorney: Pitfalls and Pointers David B. Rubin 5/19/2008
The Changing Face of School Governance Turnaround Schools, Mayorial Takeovers Coming to a School District Near You Stephen DeVita 7/14/2011
The Changing World of 403(b) Plan Requirements as Applicable to K-12 Public Schools Barbara Erickson and Heather Brickman 5/19/2008
The Deadline Approaches: What Do We Do With "Non-Highly Qualified" Teachers? Petersen, Melanie 5/2/2006
The Design-Build Project Delivery Method: An Analysis of Legal Issues and Practical and Policy Implications Segal, Susan Plimpton 5/1/2006
The Equal Access Act and Student Religious Groups Hieu Nguyen 5/19/2008
The Ethics of Email and Social Media a Top Ten List Hypotheticals and Analyses Thomas Spahn 4/16/2013
The First Amendment and Public Schools: Overview of the Religion Clauses Sam S. Harben 5/19/2008
The Future of Teacher Unions and Labor Relations in the 21st Century: A School Attorney's View Farmelo, David A. 5/2/2006
The Future of Unfunded Mandates Under the NCLB: School District of the City of Pontiac v. Spellings Dennis R. Pollard and Alice O’Brien 5/21/2009
The IEP Development Process: A Primer Bennett, P. Tyson 5/1/2006
The Interaction of IDEA, Section 1983, ADA, and Section 504 Torgerson, Susan E. and Long, Charles E. 5/2/2006
The Interplay Between ADA, FMLA, Workers Compensation and Disability Leave Christopher Campbell 11/16/2011
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Threat Assessment, Crisis Response, and Violence Prevention: Expected Challenges After Columbine and Virginia Tech A. Dean Pickett 5/19/2008
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